UX/UI development: services and websites. Content and promotion: promotional pages, AR/VR, games, SMM-campaigns. Corporate styles.
Promo campaign for an event

1C Skills Camp 2021

We make advertising and product videos, video cases and explainers

Showreel 2022

Native advertising to promote CATIA Day

Dassault Systèmes

We create sites with a user-friendly and vivid design

Web showreel

Presenting a complex BIM solution in an emotional video


Seeding content on cases across social media

Autodesk cases for CIS region on social media

Explaining how a SAP certification programme works

SAP Integration and Certification Centre

Marketing campaign for on-demand content on BIM solutions

Autodesk BIM for Uzbekistan

A memorable gift for our customers

AR app 'The Dark Side of BeaversBrothers'

Marketing campaign for a business platform

Schneider Electric Exchange

A distinctive design for an energy-efficiency start-up

Landing page for Brain4Energy

Illustrations for video and eye-catching design for an event

Microsoft. Conference for developers

Promoting SAP Coder among software developers on social media

SAP Coder

Creating an easily recognisable and relatable character

Osnova. Financial online service

An eye-catching and easy-to-understand visual identity for a complex tech product

SKB Kontur

Demonstrating how a low code product works

Landing page for 1C

Streamlined visual identity

Smart Engines, system security company

Upgrading a b2b company’s corporate identity

Objectiv. Online service of new buildings analytics

Demonstrating the work of Dassault Systèmes solutions in AR

Industry Renaissance

Updating of visual identity

Index. HR company

User-friendly identity

DataDarvin. Tech company

Visual identity

Index. Female HR company

Product video on the Eocortex IT solution

Macroscop video analytics

Spreading the holiday cheer with AR

Turn the magic on!

We won silver at the Tagline Awards 2017 and were in the top 50 on the Oculus Store games

VR-shooter Astro Collapse

An eye-catching and emotional video as a presentation for a complex SAP solution

Intellectual oilfield of SAP UFAM

A video on reengineering MegaFon’s SAP system

SAP project Gagarin

Animation story about a financial product

Tochka Bank

A promotional video for an IT start-up

Promo video for D2C

All-in-one project for the SAP Value Award: from style design to social media marketing

SAP Value Award

A promotional video to kick-start an event

Microsoft CIO Summit

A motivational video for future software developers

Microsoft TechRewards development programme

A promotional video with eye-catching characters and an emotional story

Microsoft Windows 10 launch

Website for online courses CodeStars

Microsoft. Promocampaign

A brand book, a video clip and promotional materials for a conference

Microsoft DevCon conference

New name and visual identity

Boson. Investment Fund

Clients about us

We know how to work with different industries