VR-shooter Astro Collapse

Game plot

A massive stream of asteroids hurtles towards Earth. Humankind is on the verge of annihilation. People are being hastily evacuated, fleeing the planet in space shuttles.


Player’s mission

You are the gunner of a battleship, escorting the shuttles and clearing asteroids from their path. Follow your captain’s commands and blast the asteroids with your armour-piercing machine gun, heavy plasma weapon, and laser cannon.

You must act fast — people’s lives are in your hands!

The game is designed for Samsung Gear VR



In the first 2 weeks
  • The game became one of the top 50 Oculus Store games
  • It has over 7,000 downloads


Super! Shoooting galaxy make more like this.
This is a great shooting game. It get intense.
Full immersive shooting space game! Fluid movements, large asteroids breaking near you.

Do you want to save the Earth from asteroids?

Stock up your Samsung Gear VR gadgets and download our game for free from Oculus Store.