Autodesk cases for CIS region on social media
Autodesk develops products and services for architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing and other industries.


How do Autodesk solutions work? To answer this question, we developed a special marketing campaign that focuses on customer stories. We designed infographics as a straightforward way to showcase the key features of Autodesk solutions and how customers benefited from them.

We opted for infographics as an appealing way to attract an audience.

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Promote Autodesk solutions


Spot-on ad settings and appealing visual content ensured high engagement for paid traffic (higher than for organic traffic).

views per post (unique users)

What we did

We designed original infographics, based on the company’s visual identity, to illustrate key aspects of Autodesk customer cases. We set up and launched a content seeding campaign on Facebook.