Save the Kitty Cat!

About the project

Microsoft wanted to promote their products through the Eldorado online store. They asked us to think of a way to attract attention without spending money on advertising.

Project objective

Create an online game to promote Microsoft products through Eldorado’s online store.

What we did

We came up with an exciting online game in which customers earned discounts on Microsoft products and shared their results on social media.

Game idea

The main character is a curious Kitty Cat, who has been dragged into the computer world. To bring him home, the player must complete 5 levels.

During the game, the player collects special bonuses to get discounts on Microsoft products and accessories.



Starter comics immerses in the history of Kitty Cat and encourages customers to start the game.


You must complete 5 levels that symbolise the evolution of MS Windows: from DOS with pixel characters to Windows 10 with modern graphics.


In the game, Kitty Cat is being attacked by his sworn enemies: slippers, brooms and vacuum cleaners. To save Kitty Cat’s life and pass the level, you need to dodge them and collect protection bonuses.


To earn a discount on Microsoft products, you need to collect special bonuses. The longer you hold out, the bigger the discount.

Discount coupon

At the end of the game, you get a coupon for the discount you’ve earned. You can share your result with friends in social networks. To buy Microsoft products at a discount price, all you need to do is activate your coupon at the Eldorado online store.

If you enjoyed saving Kitty Cat and you want to get an even bigger discount, you can start playing again. You have an unlimited number of attempts.

How we created the game 

Everyone loves to post cat pictures and videos, so a cat as the lead character in the game was an obvious choice for us. All we had to do was to draw it so that everyone would like it. We did a lot of sketches and found the right image.

The team voted and chose the cutest cat on the balloon. To make the viewer feel affinity with the character, we came up with a way for Kitty Cat to show his emotions.

For the game to be interesting, the hero must fight the enemies and win. We remembered what scares cats the most, and drew those fears as insidious villains.

Game Script

We made pencil sketches with different scenarios for the game. We compiled prototypes and tested them on real users. After getting useful comments, we developed a single interesting and clear scenario. We achieved a common vision of the game and the project within the team.


We studied all the game engines out there and chose Phaser. It’s a popular open-source framework with basic game functionality: physics, level change, character management, and camera operation. We didn’t need to create the functionality from scratch, which enabled us to complete the project faster and at a lower cost. We had more time to work on game mechanics, graphics, and features.

Game promotion

The game was placed on a special page on the Eldorado online store website. The audience reach was organic: the users shared information about the campaign on social media. The client didn’t need to pay for advertising and promotion of the game.

The results after 2 months:

> 200,000 
people have played the game and found out about Microsoft’s special offer
players got discount coupons
coupons were given out daily
spent by the client to promote the game

Have you saved Kitty Cat yet?

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