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Turn the magic on!

What should we give our clients?
We always give our clients special gifts. We start thinking up ideas for New Year’s surprises in the summer. Ordinary business mementoes from catalogues are not our style. Gifts like that are forgotten the next day/week/month, as well as the giver. We choose a different way: we invent something truly special.
What kind of gifts can be used?
We decided for ourselves that there should be something unusual and interesting in every gift we give. Something that involves a person in interaction and evokes an emotional response that people want to share.A gift is a point of contact with a client. It’s important to extend such interaction as much as possible, without making it formal or disposable.We always keep in mind that our gifts are intended for a person, not a corporate entity.That’s why our gifts must convey the feelings of warmth and coziness.
How to turn a simple gift into an unusual one?
We did it with the augmented reality (AR) technology. It fills the real world with all kinds of virtual objects. To see them, you need a smartphone or tablet, a marker anchor point (a souvenir with an image) and a specially designed AR app.See how it works with an example of our magical AR mugs.
How to turn on an augmented reality gift?
Our clients receive a gift. They open it and see a mug with a bright image and simple instructions. They download the app using the QR code from the instructions.
They launch the app and point the smartphone camera at the image on the mug.
Magic begins on the screen: to the sound of a New Year’s melody a cheerful beaver appears from the mug.
Our app is interactive, so the beaver shows different tricks: juggling axes, jumping through a fire hoop, and diving into an ice-hole for gifts.
The beaver can be photographed at any time and from any angle.
You can share the beaver’s photo and your emotions with friends in social networks.
And what did our clients say?
Our clients really enjoyed the gift. It was especially appreciated by those who have kids. Our interactive mug was a real New Year’s surprise for the whole family. People shared photos with beavers in social networks and sent us warm messages to thank us.
Virtual gifts can be fun, too. BeaversBrothers are entertainers
We enjoyed it like children!
Couldn’t keep the kids away from the beaver-trickster
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