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In every project, we build constructive communication with our clients and share their pride in the result.
Video for SAP ICC
Rustem Rymkulov,
Manager of the SAP ICC Integration and Certification Center

The final result was magical, thank you so much. It was awesome to work with people who are both professionals and amazing human beings.

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Schneider Electric Exchange
Daria Buteykis,
Digital Channel Marketing Manager, Schneider Electric

We chose BeaversBrothers because they made the best offer and had the relevant experience. The main KPI of this campaign was the number of new users on Schneider Electric Exchange. We had 171 new accounts within two months. We are really pleased with the result.

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MS Developer Tour
Leysan Zigangirova,
Digital Marketing Lead, DX

On behalf of Microsoft DX, I would like to say a huge thank you to BeaversBrothers for productive cooperation and active involvement in the advertising campaign for the Microsoft Developer Tour.

Once again, BeaversBrothers proved its advanced expertise and professionalism.

We wish your team great success and prosperity and hope to work with you again soon.

Promo campaign for the Schneider Go Green 2020 international student competition
Polina Immel,
Employer Branding & Recruitment coordinator

The BeaversBrothers agency helped us promote the Schneider Go Green 2020 international student competition. The main goal was to engage university and college students with a tech major, good English and an idea for an innovation project on sustainable energy management.

The agency has done a great job. First, they made a plan to use two channels — and Instagram — to reach the target audience. They relied on our brand design guidelines to create visuals to engage the right audience. There were text messages for different stages, which the students had to pass to take part in the competition: starting with the very first introduction to the competition and company and up to the detailed description of requirements for contest projects. We also held a stream on for closer communication with the engaged students.

The result of the campaign was an increase of 328% in the number of registrations and submitted projects compared to the previous year.

1C Skills Camp 2021
Anna Kopetskaya,
Head of International Marketing, 1C Company

Thanks to the team for the advertising campaign. It worked. Results varied depending on the country with some showing better outcomes than others, but it worked despite the 1C brand being new in these regions.

The campaign taught us that the same audience in different regions can react to 1C in different ways. Social media works well for some countries while offline channels have greater success in others.

Special thanks for collaboration in designing social media visuals.

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Product Logo for Microsoft USA
Denis Kotlyarov,
Sr. Technical Evangelist at Microsoft

For the past 3 years I was working with BeaversBrothers team. We’ve been working with them on a wide range of creative projects like video production, design and web-development. The team always comes-up with bright creative ideas, delivers strong results within reasonable timelines. We’ve worked together on projects for both local markets, like USA, and global scale projects. I am always glad to work with BeaversBrothers team and happy to recommend them.

User Interface design for app and website
Elena Abashkina,
Head of Department, Lingvo&LingvoLive ABBYY

BeaversBrothers designed an interface for our Lingvo Live iOS, Android and Web. I was absolutely delighted with the result. I worked closely with the designer who knew exactly what I had in mind and had the cutting-edge technology at hand.

Website for the SAP Coder software development competition
Anna Kopetskaya,
Solution Marketing Manager

We have worked with BeaversBrothers for two years. The BB team manages our Facebook page and creates animation and company videos to promote our projects.

In the spring of 2017, we needed to create a website for the SAP Coder 2017 software development competition and engage participants through an advertising campaign on Facebook. We hired BeaversBrothers, who handled the job with creativity, expertise and understanding of the developer audience. They created a website and a registration form for contestants and launched a campaign that reached more than 170,000 users. They communicated with contest participants, designed excellent certificates and diplomas for winners and took part in the finals’ live stream on Facebook.

It was our first competition of this kind. We have tried many engagement strategies but Facebook proved to be the most effective. BeaversBrothers were particularly indispensable for creating website content and advertising campaign slogans. BeaversBrothers were always available and quickly made changes to the website and ads upon request. Most importantly, the project met the deadline.

The competition was a very positive experience and BeaversBrothers once again demonstrated their advanced competence. Thanks a lot to the team. You are great professionals.

Interface for an IBM exhibition stand
Alexander Sinyutin,
IBM RCIS SAP Practice Leader

BeaversBrothers developed an interface for our exhibition stand. It was not an easy project. What we envisioned was an ambient and cinematographic but still functional and convenient interface. BeaversBrothers not only had to analyze examples of futuristic interfaces but also get a good grasp of industry specifics: mining and processing industry, rotary excavators, enrichment, etc. All our data was transferred from SAP via a new (and half-baked) ESB. But BeaversBrothers were up to the task and produced an eye-catching and convenient interface for a touch panel. The project manager was always available and actually pushed us for feedback so that the project could be finished sooner. I’d like to especially thank front-end developers who created mind-blowing animation.

It was great fun working with BeaversBrothers. We look forward to doing it again.

New Year’s quiz for Dassault Systèmes
Polina Ptachek,
Digital leader

Thank you to BeaversBrothers. Their creativity was top notch, as always.

BeaversBrothers came up with a New Year’s quiz as a creative way to spread the holiday cheer among Dassault Systèmes clients, partners and social media followers. We all realized that in the history of our civilization, there have been times when brilliant discoveries were also made remotely. This fun quiz had a brand engagement of almost 60%.

Non-conventional holiday greetings are becoming a new tradition. I look forward to productive cooperation with BeaversBrothers in the new year.

Infographics projects for Autodesk
Sergey Klimenko,
Digital Marketing Specialist, Russia and CIS

Infographics based on our customers’ success stories was not an ordinary gig. The job was to illustrate numerous facts and nuances while being limited in space and by a social media-friendly format.

BeaversBrothers approached the task with extreme thoroughness and professionalism — as they do with every project. Even at the conceptual stage, we already had a clear understanding of what slides would look like and what target audience they were intended for. During the rendering stage, BB added a great deal of small appealing details which, however, did not distract from the key message of the infographics.

The autodesk team would like to particularly praise the high level of graphic design and the team’s deep understanding of the format and its specifics.